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Blockchain Enabled Smart Home Community System
Abstract— Block chain based decentralized security and privacy system provides huge lift for Internet of Things(IoT) infrastructure. In a smart home tier, blockchain acts as a perfect gatekeeper for all incoming and outgoing communication packets. It leverages capability of the system to prevent fundamental security triads such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The novel instantiation of blockchain by eliminating the concept of POW relies on hierarchical structure and distributed trust to maintain the security and privacy requirements of IoT. These user-centric models are not effectively utilizing the power of the peer-community interactions. It brings higher level of association among the known groups and helps to share the responsibilities as in a gated community. The new model enriches the traditional novel instantiation with more role or trust-based group identities. This approach enables other trusted communities or local protection authorities to monitor closely and help the affected home in a situation of complete outage of power or collapsed state. Finally, the discussion analyzing the overheads introduced by the variants.
Index Terms— Smart Home, Block Chain, Internet of Things, Drone, Gated Community
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