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Optimization of process parameters for producing AA 7075 surface hybrid composites
Abstract—Aluminium 7075-grade alloy has higher strength compared to that of steel and has high corrosion resistance. It has high applications in light weight production. Friction stir processing (FSP) is the method used to change the properties of the AL7075 metal and it causes plastic deformation in the metal piece. Friction between the tool and work pieces softens the work piece. FSP encourages recrystallization phenomena due to high strain and heat input and refines the structure. Higher strain and lower heat input result in finer microstructure and enhance hardness value. In this project, AA7075 metal is chosen for analysis and five important process parameters where chosen to enhance the micro hardness and impact strength. In order to reduce no of experiments software analysis (Taguchi method) are carried out. The microstructure of the work piece with best combination of process parameters are captured to know the grain size and macro structure is captured for the same combination to know the defects in work piece, the hardness of AA7075 are tested using Vickers Hardness tester and impact strength tests are carried out. The hardness and the impact strength of the Friction Stir processed metal is higher than AA7075 base metal. After double pass these mechanical properties in Friction Stir processed metal is higher than the single pass metal and the results were discussed. This experiment shows that no of pass also influences mechanical property of metal
Index Terms— FSP of AA7075, Five process parameters, micro hardness, impact strength
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