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Fabrication of Compliant Mechanism for Micro Gripper using Photo Chemical Machining
Abstract— Generally mechanism consists of links, joints, pairs, etc. and the force and power are transmitted by the relative motion of these parts of the mechanism. Due to the relative motion of joints, the friction occurs which leads to a deficiency in the force and power transmission. A compliant mechanism is a monolithic and joint less structure. So, it eliminates the problem of friction in the mechanism. The accurate transfer of force and power is significant while handling small size objects, sensors, assembly parts, etc. This paper is based on the development and fabrication of compliant mechanism by photo chemical machining (PCM) and their characterization. Initially, we drafted the drawing of compliant mechanism and created the photo tool of the same. Copper material was selected for the manufacturing of the mechanism. The required photo tools were generated on trace paper, and then the micro gripper was fabricated using photo chemical machining. Further, the characterization of fabricated micro grippers was performed using RAPID I Vision 5 Microscope. The error analysis of fabricated micro grippers was performed with respect to the photo tool dimensions, and the error is observed to be minimum. So, it is concluded that the micro grippers can be fabricated using PCM up to satisfactory level.
Index Terms— Compliant mechanism, Micro gripper, Photo chemical, RAPID I Vision 5 Microscope
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