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Fabrication of Micro-Textures on Conical Shape Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing
Abstract—Hydrodynamic journal bearings are used for various applications in industries. These bearings are used to reduce the coefficient of friction and increase the load carrying capacity. For this, there is need to develop modified configurations of journal bearing to improve performance of bearing for high speed applications. The hydrodynamic bearings are of cylindrical or conical shape out of which the conical journal bearing is a good alternative. The micro irregularities on the surface of bearing are able to develop sufficient fluid film pressure and hence load carrying capacity. In this paper, an attempt has been made for fabrication of the micro textures (i.e. grooves) on the inner surface of the bearing using chemical machining process. The grooves are made on 90-degree portion on inner surface of the bearing. The radium paper is used as a maskant. The required grooves are made on radium paper and it is fixed on the bearing at the appropriate position. Ferric Chloride is used as etchant. The grooves are generated by chemical etching process. Further, the surface roughness is measured at the groove location. From the study, it is concluded that the micro textures on the inner surface of the bearings can be manufactured using chemical machining.
Index Terms— Conical hydrodynamic bearing, Micro-texturing, fabrication, chemical machining, radium paper
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