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Fabrication of Gear Lever Locker for Side Stand
Abstract— In the modern developing world, automobile plays a significant role, especially two-wheeler have a significant contribution. Even though bikes are helpful, there are some sad events like accidents due to careless driving of rider. Major accidents occur due to the forgetting of lifting the side stand. To overcome this problem, many advance measures have been taken, but still, there is a good scope for modification in the side stand lifting arrangement. In this paper, a mechanism called as “Gear Lever Locker system” is proposed and fabricated. The mechanism consists of a rod which is welded exactly below the Gear Lever of the bike. This mechanism will not allow the gear engagement until and unless the side stand is lifted. The mechanism is fabricated and tested for a two-wheeler. The performance of the fabricated mechanism after attaching to a two-wheeler is found to be satisfactory. The mechanism guarantees that there will be no accidents due to side stand upliftment. Also, the cost of the mechanism is also very lesser as compared to the LED and Sensor system for prediction of the upliftment of side stand
Index Terms— Side stand, Gear Lever Locker System, Accident, Cost, Upliftment, Sensor, Gear engagement.
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