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Effect of Part Components’ Kitting on Productivity in an Axle Manufacturing industry
Abstract—Productivity improvement and Productivity enhancement has been one of the major concerns of every manufacturing firm. There are various several available methods that are implemented to improve productivity out of which Lean manufacturing Principles and Strategies stands out to be the pioneer, most efficient and feasible methods from which on can attain tangible benefits by minimizing waste and non value added activities. This paper presents the effect of part components’ kitting system on productivity rare in a rear axle manufacturing industry taken in particular. Since the operators constantly move around the products and alternate between the products and sub assembly stations, the work pattern only exemplifies the assembly work but not the flow of product. Therefore, an important reason for kitting is the description aspect of any product’s Assembly. A basic principle is that the materials kit should function as a structured material handling system enabling the operators to govern their work. This paper depicts how Kitting Provides Benefits to solve space problems, solve quality problems, achieve material handling, flexibility and learning.
Index Terms— just in time , Kaizen , Material Handling , Part Component Kitting ,Productivity Improvement, waste reduction, 5s.
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