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Bottleneck Analysis and Standardized Lean Tool to Improve Productivity in Automotive Industry
Abstract— Industries in 21st century has been the customers and have become very competitive to satisfy the consumers demand. This project presents an experimental study made on improving overall efficiency and increase in productivity in assembly line. This article addresses on implementation of lean manufacturing tool (value stream mapping) by analyzing the operations status, bottlenecks, and the interdependence of the manufacturing activities between machines. The concept of project is to make parts single piece flow at a time from raw materials to finished goods and to move them one by one to the next workstation with no waiting time in between. Perfection achieved by continuous improvement process of eliminating waste and reducing mistakes while offering what the customer wants becomes possible [1]. Methodology adopted includes reduction of takt time results in the removal of bottlenecks by reducing cycle time. Apply the lean tool by method time measurement and line balance efficiency and reduce the cycle time in assembly line and improve efficiency in that product line. Also says that lean manufacturing is a business philosophy that continuously improves the process involve in manufacturing [2]. Hence, we could reduce the manpower as our goal is to provide employee satisfaction by implementation of lean techniques and thereby increase in productivity to meet customer demand which resulted in a cost saving benefit to company.
Index Terms— Bottleneck, Cycle time, Just in time, Lean tool, Productivity improvement, Takt time, VSM.
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