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Capacity Utilization In Rocker Shaft Cell, Through Single Piece Flow
Abstract— Maximization of production with zero or very less wastage is one of the main concern of lean production implementation. Batch production is one of the out dated and less productivity production type still being followed in many industries. Attempt has been made for the implementation of lean tools such as single piece flow, kaizen and layout designing, after the observation of six months in a tractor steering gearbox manufacturing industry. The primary and secondary rocker shaft assembly of the tractor steering gearbox ismanufactured in this cell. The cell redesigning done is mainly concentrated on the reduction of cycle time, distance between each machine and flow of materials. This paper also discuss the multi-skill working and before and after effect of implementation of SINGLE PIECE FLOW.
Index Terms—Cell design, Single Piece Flow, Multi-skilled working, Rocker shaft, Kaizen, layout.
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