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Enhancement of Reactive Power Management in Distribution System Using D-STATCOM
Abstract— In the present era, the quality of the power system should be more precise when it reaches customer ends. Key industrial loads need reactive power for nourishing magnetic field, for example, furnaces, transformers, induction motors etc. Reactive Power Compensation (RPC), a major power quality issue in the distribution system, which affects the performance of the power system. The core fact behind reactive power compensation is the increased system stability, voltage regulation, better utilization of gadgets connected to the systems, dropping system losses associated with the system. The complete pillar of the compensating devices and power electronic application in compensating devices is depicted in this paper. FACTS devices are dynamic reactive power compensator capable of supplying reactive power to the grid and consuming reactive power from the grid. This paper proposes the D-STATCOM, a FACTS device for the compensation of reactive power. The compensation using the D-STATCOM modeling is also discussed in this work. The D-STATCOM normally mounted between source voltage and critical or sensitive load. The configuration of D-STATCOM has been scheduled for improving voltage profile management and power factor performance for different sorts of loads in distribution system. D-STATCOM is an effective measure to sustain voltage stability and improve power quality events of distribution system. The simulation is performed in MATLAB for D-STATCOM and voltage source converter (VSC).
Index Terms— Reactive Power Compensation (RPC), Distribution system, D-STATCOM, VSC, Power Quality events, Voltage Stability, Power Factor.
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