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Industrial Pollution Monitoring and Control System Using LabVIEW
Abstract-The pollution monitoring systems have their major application in industries. Pollution control is the major factors that have to be considered in the industry. It is a great challenge to control the industrial pollution and to maintain the natural environment pattern. The main aim of our project is to design productive and powerful system to control the parameters that cause pollution and to reduce their effects without damaging natural environment. The proposed method is to monitor and inform the authorities whether the parameter goes larger than industry standards. Here we implemented LabVIEW software which will monitor the disturbance affecting the system and the pollution parameters are controlled by PIC16F877A microcontroller. The system level examines the pH in industry effluents, level of CO gas released during industry process and temperature of machineries. The monitored data is transferred to the PIC microcontroller through serial communication interface. In order to achieve this goal the PIC microcontroller used as smart active device which controls those pollution parameters by using separate relays.
Keywords-LabVIEW, Temperature sensor, pH sensor, CO sensor, PIC 16F877A
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