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Brain Tumor Detection using VLSI
Abstract-- Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a technique used in hospitals to scan patients and determine the severity of certain injuries. It produces high quality images of the human body part. Tumors in various parts of the body are also scanned using MRI. Tumors are nothing but the abnormal growth of tissues or cells. Since, brain tumor is an abnormal cell formation within the brain which leads to brain cancer. Thus, it is very important to detect and extract brain tumor in early stage. The most important process in brain tumor detection and extraction from an MRI image is the image segmentation. Segmenting of an image means dividing the image into different region and extracting the interested target. For this implementation the algorithm is FIR algorithm and the software used is Modelsim.
Keywords-- MRI, Modelsim, FIR filter,Carry save adder,Wallace multiplier.
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