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A framework to effectively use social media as a marketing strategy for start-up companies
Abstract— Start-up companies have a lot of challenges ahead of them. Attracting the customers to the business is one such major challenge which is faced by all most all companies at the beginning. Many companies try to find marketing strategies which they feel as the most suitable option to market their goods and services to the potential customers. With the advancements in technology and the increased usage of the internet, companies tend to use social media marketing as one of their mainstream marketing strategies. The biggest issue a start-up company might have when using social media as a marketing strategy is to understand which platform or platforms they should be using at the beginning to attract potential customers into their business. This research focuses on designing a theoretical framework that could be used by these companies to obtain a better understanding of the areas they need to consider when deciding on their social media marketing platform. At present, there are several social media sites that provide a good platform for the companies to market their products and services to customers. Most companies believe that any social media site is good enough to market their product. This misconception has caused many companies to end up with failed marketing endeavors. It is necessary to understand that different social media sites offer different opportunities for marketing a good or service and that these sites target different audiences. Therefore, advertising on the wrong social media sites would not produce the expected results to a start-up company and demotivate them in achieving their goals. This research identified several components which are essential to understanding which social media site should be ideal to get a company’s marketing messages to all the potential customers. The framework was developed based on these identified areas and is expected to serve as a set of guidelines for the start-up companies when selecting appropriate social media sites.
Index Terms— Framework, Marketing strategy, Social media, Start-up companies.
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