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Secured Monitoring and Tracking of Patient Health Using IOT
Abstract-- In this project, various parameters of the patient is monitored using internet of things. In the patient monitoring system, the real-time parameters of patient’s health are sending to cloud using internet connectivity. These parameters are send to a remote internet location so that user can view these details from anywhere in the world. Here, arduino is used as a gateway to communicate to the various sensors such as heartbeat sensor, temperature sensor and pressure sensor. The arduino picks up the sensor data and sends it to the network through IOT module and hence provides real time monitoring of the healthcare parameter for doctors. The data can be accessed anytime by the doctor. The arduino is also connected with buzzer to alert the caretaker about variation in sensor output and gives an alert message to the doctor’s mobile using GSM. The position of patient is also tracked using GPS.
Index Terms— Arduino, Adafruit IO cloud, GSM, GPS, Heartbeat sensor, Internet of Things, IOT module, MQTT protocol, Pressure sensor, Temperature sensor
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