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A Novel Approach for Oil Spill Detection in SAR Imagery
ABSTRACT--Oil spills are one of the most dangerous catastrophes that threaten the oceans. Therefore, detecting and monitoring oil spills by means of remote sensing techniques that provide large scale assessments is of critical importance to predict,prevent,and clean oil contamination. The detection of an oil spill using synthetic aperture radar(SAR) imagery is considered. A recently offered change detection method that depends on finding changes in the boundaries if oil spill, Ocean and Land Area is used. The changes in the image itself are classified based on subtraction of them. The common change areas are excluded and uncommon change areas are included. Thus the total oil spill affected area is detected.
Index Terms-Change Detection(CD), Correlation Coefficient, Intensity Ratio value,Oil Spill,Remote Sensing of Oceans, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Imaging.
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