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PV Based High Level Hybrid Multilevel Inverter Using Field Programmable Gate Array
Abstract— This paper presents a PV based high level hybrid multilevel inverter using field programmable gate array. Sepic converter is the developed converter derived from the buck-boost converter. In this proposed model the Sepic-converter eliminate the output ripples and effectively enhance the output voltage level. Cascaded H Bridge & Neutral point clamped (NPC) inverter topologies are hybridized to obtain 127 level of output voltage using reduced number of switches and DC sources. By increasing the number of voltage level, the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) can be reduced and hence reduction in size of the filter. MATLAB simulation is carried out to verify the performance of the proposed system.
Index Terms— Sepic converter, Hybrid multilevel inverter, Cascaded H bridge & NPC inverters, Total Harmonic Distortion.
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