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Issues and Challenges in Minimizing the Response Time in Cloud Service
Abstract— The cloud services are “Pay – Per – Use” policy over the internet. In cloud computing, the scheduling mechanism plays an important role for providing the services based on higher priority of the request. The scheduling mechanism is necessary for minimizing the response time, immediate switching time, complete utilization of resources, high bandwidth and for better performance of the service. This paper presents the challenges and requirements, subscription based cloud services, issues, and challenges. For the complete utilization of resources in cloud environment, the providers are allowing the oversubscription of resources. Therefore, the cloud resources are utilized in an efficient manner without any idle or waste of resources. Because of oversubscription, the workload is increased and there will be congestion in providing the service, therefore the response time will be maximized. To provide the best quality of service (QOS), the scheduling and workload should be analyzed from a capacity planning and resource provisioning perspective, for minimizing the response time.
Index Terms— Congestion, overload, oversubscription, scheduling, virtualization technique.
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