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Volume 36

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1 An Efficacious Framework for the Risk Severity Prediction of Malicious..
R. Dharmarajan , V. Thiagarasu
78-86 Click Here
2 Decision Support System for the Classification of Heart Disease using ..
P. Umasankar , V. Thiagarasu
87-94 Click Here
3 Prediction of Chronic Kidney Disease using the Techniques of Data Mining
P. Pushpalatha , V.Selvi
95-102 Click Here
4 Hybrid System For Home Automation Using IoT
V.Koushiik , P.Dhivya
103-106 Click Here
5 Design Of Compact Cpw Fed Antenna For Wi-Max Applications
P.Sowjanya , M. Arunraj
107-109 Click Here
6 Design, Analysis And Simulation Of A Cyber Physical System
Robert Raja Sundar R , Sanjeev M, Sandeep Kumar N,Judeson Antony Kovilpillai J
110-116 Click Here
7 Use Of Augmented And Virtual Reality For A Commercial Project
Bibek Adhikari , Amritha P, Anand S, Chandru S,P. Priyadarshni
117-120 Click Here
8 Weather Forecasting using Machine Learning
Sri Krishna V , Sivakumar T, Vignesh L,Arun Raja A
121-123 Click Here
9 Design of E shaped cpw fed antenna for Multiband applications
A.Santhiya , M. Arunraj
124-126 Click Here
10 Design and Modelling of Direct type solar dryer with reflectors for im..
P. Leon Dharmadurai , P.Tamilselvam
127-130 Click Here
11 Fabric Inspection System
Arihant K , Harish K,Balaji M,V.S.Sangeetha
131-132 Click Here
12 Enhanced Joint Encrypted Watermaking Of Medical Images Using Block Cip..
B. Ramachandran , R.Gomathi
133-136 Click Here
13 Design, Development and Performance Investigation Of Indirect Type Of ..
N. Durairaj , R.Ganesh kumar
137-141 Click Here
14 Emission Reduction With Selective Catalytic Reduction (Scr) In A Diese..
A.Karthi , K.P Prem kumar
142-147 Click Here
15 Fabrication and Characterization of Micro Channel Mold using CO2 LASER..
Rajkumar Bile , Aakash Bawale, Somesh Burande,Avinash K. Parkhe
148-151 Click Here
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