Volume 30

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1 Fingerprint Based Driving License For management System And Alcohol De..
Susmitha.K , Selvakumari. P
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2 5 Automatic Tracking Solar-powered Panel for Paddy Field Environment b..
Prabisha Jill.V , Jerita Preethi.M , M.Valarmathi
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3 Smart Home Security Based On Digital Image Processing
Jamunarani. S , valarmathi. M
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4 Smart Students Bus Tracking System with Emergency Alert Using Android
N.Priyanka , J.Riya Catherin
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5 Design Of Adder And Mutiplier For Low Power FIR Filter Design
Susmitha.J , V.Muralidharan
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6 A Novel Mechanism For Real-Time Parking Slot Pre-Booking And Authentic..
J.Sridevi , R.Vivek
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7 Water Mist Fire Extinguisher In Cracker Industry Using PLC
P.Gayathri , S.Kartheeswari, K.Priyadharsini,E.Thangam
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8 Detection, Locating and Monitoring of Fault in Distribution Line Using..
G.Hari Vignesh , S.Marieswaran,B.Sankaralingam
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9 Autonomous Robotic Vehicle With Embedded Sensor System For Excavation
AshishTirkey , Nitish Xavier Minj,Mr. Muralidharan
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10 Investment Grade Energy Auditing in Cement Industry
V.Roshan , P.Amaranth , M.Thangavel pandi , Dr. K. Karthikeyan
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