Volume 15

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1 Power Management of a DC Microgrid Without an Extra Energy Control Cen..
Dr.P.S.Raghavendran , S. Dinesh Kumar
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2 GSIUFA:Grouping Similar Items in Mixed Type of Data using Fuzzy ART
Gadupudi Dakshayani , Asadi Srinivasulu
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3 Creep Characterization of Weldments on P/T91 Steel for High Temperatur..
T Maridurai , Abel Kooran Varghese , P.Senthil Kumar
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4 A Review on Unconventional Machining Process of Titanium Alloys
J. Prasanna , T.Praveena
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5 Advanced Library Management System Using RFID
S.Sangavi,C.Sri deepa, , S.Surya, C.P.Vinumadhi, , S. Brindha
20-21 Click Here
6 Design and analysis of LUO converter based DMPPT and CPG for solar PV ..
R.Tamilvendan , A.Balasubramanian
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7 Gait-Based Gender classification Using Zernike Moments
M.Keerthana Devi , Mrs.R.Newlin Shebiah
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8 Quadruped Robot That Can Traverse Through Various Terrains
S.Kalyanasundaram , S.Kalyanasundaram
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9 Verilog Implementation of Optimized Elliptic Curve Crypto Processor fo..
M. Jotheeshkumar , S. HemaChitra
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10 A New Compression and Decompressio Scheme for Discrete Color Im..
D.Syed Kasim , T.Siva Sankari
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11 Design of pre-computation based content addressable memory using gate-..
Anu.P , Mohana Arasi.M
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12 Advanced Low Power CMOS Design to reduce power consumption in CMOS Cir..
Pramoda N V
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13 Efficient RNS Forward Converter for Special Moduli Sets
E. Chandramohan , P. Keerthana , S. Elango
58-62 Click Here
14 Tolerating Repairing Points Using Wireless Sensor Networks For Structu..
Meenakshi Dhanalakshmi.M , Karthigha.M
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15 A Performance Model for the Measurement of Web Service Framework
Venkatesh.G , K.K.Baseer
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