Volume 14

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1 Design and Implementation of IoT based Digital Energy Meter for Remote..
M.Indhumathi , T.Devakumar
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2 Personalized Point of Interest Travel Recommendation Based on Social M..
J.Cibia , D. Vidya Bharathi
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3 Spectrum Sensing and Sharing of Cellular Network Band Using Cognitive ..
Sithala Diravind.B , Ramesh Kumar.R
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4 Electrical Energy Auditing Of Educational Institution
Jeevabharati.R , Dr. Jaganathan.S
15-19 Click Here
5 Secure Data Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Homo..
S Sathya , J Jayavel
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6 A Survey on Value Based Plagiarism Detection to Identify Similar Code
Swaminadhan Hima Bindu , C. kishore
24-26 Click Here
7 27 Implementation Based Compression of Hyper spectral Images Using Lif..
Mahendran. M , Jayavathi. S.D
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8 Exaltation of Students’ Learning Ability through Virtual Environment
B. Mahalakshmi , T. Anantharaj
32-35 Click Here
9 Classification of Frequent Subgraph Mining Algorithm For Various Graph..
Sanofer.M , Dr. M K Kavitha Devi
36-40 Click Here
10 Augmented Reality for Future Education & Entertainment
V.Murugan , T.Devakumar
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11 Design and Optimization of 4.8kW Permanent MagNet Brushless Alternator..
G. Sabaresh , Dr. N. Senthilnathan
45-49 Click Here
12 An Approach to Detect Dolphin Whistle from Underwater Sounds
G. Saranya , G. Sumithra , Dr. D. Meganathan
50-55 Click Here
13 Modeling of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine using Matlab’s Sims..
N.Niveditha , R.Meenakumari
56-57 Click Here
14 60 Detaching Artifact Regions from Metal artifact CT Image Using Ampli..
Sharmila.G , Dr.V.Valli Mayil
60-64 Click Here
15 Optimized Dispersion Relation Schemes for Spatial and Temporal Discret..
Arun Govind Neelan , Manoj T Nair
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