Volume 13

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1 A Robust Stego-Object for Remote Authentication Using Qualified Signif..
R.R.Rekha , Dr. Divya Satish
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2 OWASP ZAP: Predicting Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
Obulaporam Gireesha
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3 Gabor Features Based Classification of Multispectral Images Using Clus..
AN.Valliyappan , Gandhimathi@Usha
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4 Vehicle Tracking System for Children Safety Using RFID, GPS and GSM
A.NasneenFathima,P.S.Nivedha , T.Sangavi,S.Selvalakshmi , R.Chitra
16-20 Click Here
5 Process Control of an Automated Lift Pumping Station
Suveg.V.Iyer , Sree Rajendra
21-25 Click Here
6 A Survey on Software Refactorability through Software Clone Detection ..
A.Naga Sahithi , K.Ramani
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7 Vehicle Speed Control using RF Communication
Shankhavi K B , Shanthini Devi G , Dr.V.Vanitha
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8 A Content-based attribute correlation framework for face recognition a..
Bhagyalakshmi K.K , Dr.S.V Manisekaran
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9 Classification of EEG signals using ensemble empirical mode decomposit..
G.Jayagayathri , Dr.K.Sivasankari
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10 Personalized Web Search : Different Types Of Searches
A.Smilien Rophie , Dr. A. Anitha
44-47 Click Here
11 Residential Load Management Optimization in Smart Grid
Swathi K , Kishore Balasubramanian , Muthuvel Veluchamy
48-53 Click Here
12 An Efficient Energy Harvesting Based Scheduling Technique for Wireless..
C.Vijayalakshmi , Dr. S.V. Manisekaran
54-58 Click Here
13 Enhanced Link Reliability Model for VANETS
M.Swathika , Mr.J.Jayavel M.E
59-62 Click Here
14 A Secure Data De-duplication Scheme for Distributed Cloud Storage
N.K. Karthika , Mr.J.MannarMannan
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15 Radar Target Classification Using Fuzzy Logic
Krithika Sundaresan , Shashank Tyagi
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