Volume 9

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1 Design and Analysis of Helical Coil Spring in Suspension System
Logavigneshwaran S , Sriram G. , Arunprakash R.
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2 Covert Channel Attacks against Anonymizer Architecture
V.Swathy , T.S Usha Nandhini
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3 Improved Fused Floating Point Add-Subtract Unit Architecture
K.Gayathiri , S.P Prakash
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4 Review on Energy Harvesting Using Electro-Magneto-Elastic Structures
M.P. Saravanan , P.Vipin , M.R. Sakthi Raj, M. Vivek chandru
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5 Survey on PSO Techniques for Short Text Clustering
A. Selvakumar , K. Sarkunanvathi
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