Volume 4

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1 Prioritizing Test Cases for Regression Testing A Model Based Approach
Vinothkumar.N , Galeebathullah.B
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2 An SVM based Statistical Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric D..
S.Vigneshwaran , M.Suresh , Dr.R.Meenakumari
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3 Optimization Technique for Feature Selection and Classification Using ..
M. Kumar , S. Chidambaram , Dr. K G. Srinivasagan
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4 An Improvised Fuzzy Preference Tree Of CRS For E-Services Using Increm..
Roshni.K , Dhanalakshmi.S
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5 Characterizing and Processing of Big Data Using Data Mining Techniques
S. Vishnu Priya , V. Manimaran
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6 Detection of Distributed Clone Attacks for Safety Transactions in WSN
N.Karthickkumar , D.Sasikala
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7 Successful interference cancellation with Blind Equalization method fo..
Fazeela.P.Muhammed , Jayanthi.K
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8 Enhancing performance using TOHIP in MANET
Thilagavathy S , Subbulakshmi P
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9 A Secure Decision Making Process in Health Care System Using Naive Bay..
K.M.Ruba Malini , R.Lakshmi
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10 Segmentation of Images by using Fuzzy k-means clustering with ACO
R.Prabha , C.Kohila
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11 An Efficient VLSI Design for Extracting Local Binary Pattern
A. Bharathivanan
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12 Fuzzy Logic Controller Based High Frequency Link AC-AC Converter For V..
C.Shanmugam , A.Maheswari , S.Kannan
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13 Ontology Based Approach for Semantic Information Retrieval System
Amol Jamgade , Shivkumar Karale
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14 FIND MY VENUE: Content & Review Based Location Recommendation System
Sumayya Thasneem P , Bineesh V
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15 Network Lifetime Enhancement by Node Deployment in WSN
Preethi K , A.Jawahar
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