Volume 3

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1 Hexagonal based Clustering for Reducing Rebroadcasts in Mobile Ad Hoc ..
S.Dinakar , Dr.J.Shanthini
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2 Mitigation of Colluding Selective Forwarding Attack in WMNs using FADE
C.Gayathri , Dr.V.Kavitha
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3 Enhanced Secure E-Gateway using Hierarchical Visual Cryptography
K.S.Suganya , K.Manikandan
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4 A Greedy Heuristic Approach for Sprint Planning in Agile Software Deve..
S.Jansi , Mrs.K.C.Rajeswari
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5 Reduction of False Acceptance Rate Using Cross Validation for Fingerpr..
Arunprakash.k , Narayanan R.C , Dr.Krishnamoorthy.K
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6 Multi Object Tracking Methods Based on Particle Filter and HMM
Ravichandran.A , Dr. B.Kalaavathi
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7 A Fast and Accurate Palmprint Identification System based on Consisten..
M. Logapreethi , N. B. Mahesh Kumar
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8 Intelligent Workload Management in Virtualized Cloud Environment
R.Sujitha , N.VijayaRaghavan
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9 Internet Path Selection on Video QoE Analysis and Improvements
K.Saranya , S.Sowmyadevi
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10 Secure Data Sharing Algorithm for Data Retrieval in Military Based Networks
A.Lilly sara , E.Elavarasi
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11 Summarization Techniques in Association Rule Data Mining For Risk Asse..
Padmapriya.S , Jaya kumar.P
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12 Enhancing Implicit Relations in Wikipedia Mining Using Object Relation..
G.Shanmugapriya , S.Raja shaik
58-62 Click Here
13 A QOS-Aware Of Dynamic Logistics Service Composition Algorithm Based O..
Bijily Issac , M. Karthikeyan
63-68 Click Here
14 Data mining Framework for Finding Friends in Online Social Network Usi..
R.Rajkumar , Dr.Anbuselvi
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15 Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization for Reducing Data Redundancy in H..
M.Vidhya , Mr.N.Sadhasivam
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