An SVM based Statistical Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection
Abstract A biometric system is a computer based system and is used to identify the person on their behavioral and logical characteristics such as (for example fingerprint, face, iris, keystroke, signature, voice, etc.).A typical biometric system consists of feature extraction and matching patterns. But nowadays biometric systems are attacked by using fake biometric samples. This paper described the fingerprint biometric techniques and also introduce the attack on that system and by using Image Quality Assessment for Liveness Detection to know how to protect the system from fake biometrics and also how the multi biometric system is more secure than uni-biometric system. Support Vector Machine (SVM) classification technique is used for training and testing the fingerprint images. The testing onput fingerprint image is resulted as real and fake fingerprint image by quality score matching with the training based real and fake fingerprint samples.
Index Terms -- Image quality, biometrics security, support vector machine (SVM), liveness detection.
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