Prioritizing Test Cases for Regression Testing A Model Based Approach
Abstract— Testing is an important phase of quality control of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). There are various types of testing methodologies involved to test the application. Regression Testing is a type of testing, which is done to ensure whether the modified features or bug fix had an impact over the existing functionality. Defects are identified by executing the set of test cases. Regression Test case selection is not at all possible to conclude how much retesting is required to identify the deviation when the test suites are larger in size. Prioritization of test cases is done to change the order of test case execution based on the severity. In the proposed a model based approach prioritization of test cases are generated based on UML diagrams (Sequence and State Chart). The modified features have the reflection in the model generation and the number of states and transitions covered. Prioritized test cases are then clustered based upon the severities using dendragram approach. It leads to decrease in the time and cost of regression testing.
Index Terms— Model Based Testing, Test cases, Regression Testing, Software Engineering, Test Case Prioritization.
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