An Improved Integration Test Case from Unit Tests
Abstract— The software testing mainly depends on three main phases: test case, test path and test evaluation. Generated test cases require test data for their execution which makes the test data generation a building block activity in the overall test cases execution process. Test data can be derived from different types of models such as UML models. Here the main focus is on unit testing, because it builds the essential foundations of every test suite. The object-oriented software chosen is, specifically Java based, because it offers the Unit framework and the most updated tools for automatic or manual unit test case generation. Since unit testing alone does not reveal maximum faults, so integration testing is preferred. Our approach to generate complex integration test cases from simple unit ones requires the system source code and a set of test cases as input, and works in three main phases: 1. Identify class dependencies within the system in the form of a modules. 2. Compute the data dependency graph within the input test 3. Generate new more complex test cases from the blocks extracted from unit test cases using the class dependence and data dependency graph. Finally the newly generated test suite detects faults that are not detected by the existing test suite.
Index Terms— Integration testing, Test case, Test path, Unit testing.
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