Dynamic Load Balancing in Multimedia Cloud Computing with GA an immigrant scheme using Cloud analyst Tool
Abstract— Consider a centralized Multimedia Cloud Computing (MCC) comprises a resource manager, server cluster with cluster head, in which the resource manager is responsible for assigning the clients request for multimedia data to server clusters in terms of the characteristics of the data/tasks, and then each cluster head of server cluster spread over that assigned tasks to within its servers. In that, designing best dynamic load balancing algorithm which distributes the load with minimum transmitting cost for a multimedia service task between server clusters and clients. The main feature of this paper to work the load with the dynamic environment scenario, the role of each server cluster only make use of specific kinds of multimedia tasks as well as the clients can request many distinct kinds of tasks on a different instance. Such a problem is carried out using Genetic Algorithm (GA) with an immigrant scheme which is suitable for dynamic problems. The simulation results are done by using a CloudAnalysts tool to show the proposed algorithm worked with better performance of dynamic service of the system.
Index Terms— Cloud computing, genetic algorithm, immigrant schemes, load balancing, metaheuristic, multimedia systems.
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