Enhanced Secure E-Gateway using Hierarchical Visual Cryptography
Abstract— With tremendous growth in electronic commerce, the e-shopping users are facing more and more problems in their day to day life. Most important of them are identity theft and spear phishing attacks. In this paper, we will be addressing those issues by the combined use of Hierarchical Visual Cryptography and keyless image steganography techniques. Firstly, we recommend the use of a certified third party payment gateway, which involves generating image shares using HVCS and secondly we recommend the use of image steganography technique to hide the user’s passphrase or ATM Pin or password in the image share to achieve cheating prevention from malicious insiders of both merchant as well as third party payment gateway. Further, we propose the use of image share as secure SiteKey which prevents spear phishing attack targeting high profile customers.
Index Terms— E-shopping, Hierarchical visual cryptography scheme, HVCS, Identity theft, Spear phishing attacks, SiteKey.
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