Design of Zeta Converter Based Electronic Ballast for Fluorescent lamps
Abstract-This paper presents a power factor correction (PFC) based electronic ballast operated in continuous conduction mode (DCM), which consists of a buck-boost ZETA topology, and a high frequency DC-AC inverter. The electronic ballast is based on a high frequency dither signal, which shapes the input current in a sinusoidal form. The analysis, design, modeling and simulation of high power factor (PF) electronic ballast for a fluorescent lamp are carried out with constant dc link voltage. In this topology, a half bridge series resonant parallel loaded inverter is used to feed constant current to the lamp. The power quality indices such as total harmonic distortion of AC mains current (THD), power factor (PF) and crest factor (CF) are evaluated to demonstrate it satisfactory performance.
Index Terms -Constant lamp power, Crest factor, High switching frequency, Power factor, Total harmonic distortion.
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