Using FRD Algorithm for Cluster Head Selection and Certificate Revocation of Adversary Nodes to Form a Secure Cluster in MANET
Abstract—The major challenge in the wireless network service is to provide the guaranteed service. To overcome this challenge we are going to use an important integral component called certificate revocation. In this paper, we concentrate on the issue of certificate revocation to separate attackers from further contributing in the network activities. By proposing the Enhanced Cluster based Certificate Revocation with Vindication Capability (CCRVC) scheme, we can quickly and accurately revoke the certificates of the malicious nodes. We can improve the reliability of the scheme by maintaining the Vote List (VL) by the Certificate Authority (CA). To enhance the accuracy, we propose the threshold based mechanism to assess and vindicate the warned node is the malicious node or not. By both numerical and simulation analysis, we evaluate the performance of our scheme. The demonstration result that the proposed certificate revocation scheme is efficient and effective to guarantee secure communications in MANET.
Index terms—MANET, Certificate Authority (CA), Cluster Based Certificate Revocation with Vindication Capability (CCRVC), Fuzzy Relevance Degreeand Security.
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