Dual Steganography for Hiding Video in Video
Abstract— Dual Steganography is the process of using Steganography combined with Cryptography. Steganography is the process of hiding confidential data’s in the media files such as audio, images, videos, etc. Cryptography is a branch of mathematics concerned with the study of hiding and revealing information and for proving authorship of messages. In this paper, the Dual Steganography concept has been applied to secure the original videos from unauthorized person. The process has been done by embedding the original video inside another video. Both the videos are converted into frames first. After that, the individual frames of original video are sampled with the frames of another video. After completing the sampling process, the output frames are combined to obtain the encrypted video.
Index Terms— Cryptography, Dual Steganography, Embedding, Frames, Original video, Steganography.
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