Opportunistic Data Forwarding in Manet
Abstract— A MANETs is a self-configuring network is a collection of mobile hosts that are connected via a wireless link. Opportunistic data forwarding has drawn much attention in the research community of multihop wireless networks. Opportunistic data forwarding is the lack of an efficient, lightweight proactive routing scheme with strong source routing capability. In this project proposed to a lightweight proactive source routing (PSR) protocol. PSR can be maintained at different network topology information than distance vector (DV), link state (LS), optimized link State routing (OLSR), then reactive source routing [e.g., dynamic source routing (DSR)]. In this project concentrate on reducing the overhead at the base line protocols, then testing to the better data transportation. Network Simulator (NS-2) help in testing and implementing to this project for effectively reduced to the overhead in the data transportation.
Index Terms— DSR, DV, Link State, OLSR, PSR
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