Attribute Based Encryption with Attribute Hiding in Cloud Storage
Abstract— Cloud computing is widely used technologies that provides on-demand self services. One of the main services is cloud storage. Cloud storage is used to store up and access the data anywhere from the cloud. To have a have power over the data we necessitate a fine-grained access control system. One of the Fine-grained access control system is Attribute Based Encryption (ABE). The ABE system is used to provide access control using attributes. Attributes may be anything. For example, it may person?s roles or date. In ABE system the encryption phase consists of access rules. Rules are depended on the data owner and the consumer. It is not hidden in the existing systems. Through this, users can get the useful information from access rules without decryption. To improve the effectiveness of the ABE system, a new ABE algorithm is proposed. The proposed ABE algorithm has the features hiding Attributes and Access Policies. Through this, users getting useful information from the cipher text are avoided. Attributes and Access policies are hidden by the hash function and polynomial functions. The proposed ABE system ensures data privacy and policy privacy. Through this, the efficiency of the attribute based encryption system is improved.
Index Terms— cloud computing, data sharing, cloud storage, ABE, Access policies, Secret sharing
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