Design of Isotropic Planar Antenna for Radio Frequency Identification
Abstract : This paper proposes an antenna which consists of four sequential rotated L-shaped monopoles that are fed by a compact uniform sequential-phase (SP) feeding network with equal amplitude and incremental 90deg phase delay. Since SP feeding is used, separate feeding is not given to all four monopole antennas. Symmetrical meander lines are used in this antenna. Rotated field method is used for a full spatial coverage with good gain deviation. RFID is used for the purpose of automatically identifying and tracking the tags attached to the object. Planar Antenna, works in 2.45 GHz and this can be used for RFID application.Since RFID tag antennas are costly, it can be replaced by planar antennas. This Planar antenna works at the bandwidth of 39 MHz and covers a distance of one-two meters with good impedance matching.
Index Terms—Isotropic radiation pattern, rotated field, Planar antenna, RFID.
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