Reduction of Azimuth Uncertainties in SAR Images Using Selective Restoration
Abstract— A framework is proposed for reduction of azimuth uncertainty space borne strip map synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images. In this paper, the azimuth uncertainty in SAR images is identified by using a local average SAR image, system parameter, and a distinct metric derived from azimuth antenna pattern. The distinct metric helps isolate targets lying at locations of uncertainty. The method for restoration of uncertainty regions is selected on the basis of the size of uncertainty regions. A compressive imaging technique is engaged to bring back isolated ambiguity regions (smaller regions of interrelated pixels), clustered regions (relatively bigger regions of interrelated pixels) are filled by using exemplar-based in-painting. The recreation results on a real Terra SAR-X data set established that the proposed method can effectively remove azimuth uncertainties and enhance SAR image quality.
Index Terms— Azimuth Antenna Pattern (AAP). Repetition Frequency, Signal to Noise (SNR), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Image processing.
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