Design of Real-time Self Establish Wireless Sensor For Dynamic Network
Abstract— Wireless sensor network in the recent trend engaged with high speed responsive real time system. This type of real time system requires reliable and compatible sensor to work in an environment where the sensor is dynamic in nature. Sensor network is to design to perform a set of high level information processing tasks such as detection, tracking or classification. Application of sensor networks is wide ranging and can vary significantly in application requirements, modes of deployment, sensing modality, power supply. Dynamic configuring of wireless sensor involves timing constraints to configure the sensor or to switch an adaptive sensor when working node failure due to energy, data rate, packet loss and range of the sensor. So the network, with such dynamic nature needs a background sensor which is able to be switched when the active sensor has a problem and improper functioning due to the network deploy environment. The background sensor lies inactive inside the range of the active sensor; ensure that the sensor is about to die and make sure the last data transfer successful find delay time to switch. Fault tolerance is achieved by switching the background sensor with the active sensor, where the background sensor self establish themselves in the network and perform similar routing metrics and configure them self with the network as soon they are switched. Once, the actual sensor retained back to the active condition then the background sensor will go to inactive state during this switching process the sensor will not loss data packet..
Index Terms—Switching,Dynamic,Network,Background,Delay
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