Speech Analysis and synthesis using Vocoder
Abstract— In this paper, I proposed a speech analysis and synthesis using a vocoder. Voice conversion systems do not create new speech signals, but just transform existing one. The proposed speech vocoding is different from speech coding. To analyze the speech signal and represent it with less number of bits, so that bandwidth efficiency can be increased. The Synthesis of speech signal from the received bits of information. In this paper three aspects of analysis have been discussed: pitch refinement, spectral envelope estimation and maximum voiced frequency estimation. A Quasi-harmonic analysis model can be used to implement a pitch refinement algorithm which improves the accuracy of the spectral estimation. Harmonic plus noise model to reconstruct the speech signal from parameter. Finally to achieve the highest possible resynthesis quality using the lowest possible number of bits to transmit the speech signal. Future work aims at incorporating the phase information into the analysis and modeling process and also synthesis these three aspects in different pitch period.
Index Terms— Frequency Cepstral Coefficient, Pitch Detection, Spectral Envelope Estimation, Maximum Voiced Frequency, Harmonic plus Noise Model.
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