Improved Identity Based Digital Signature Scheme for Enhancing Security and Efficient Data Transmission
Abstract - Secure data communication is a significant issue in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Clustering is an efficient and useful way to augment the system performance of WSNs. The secure data communication for a cluster-based wireless sensor networks (CWSNs), where the clusters are created dynamically and occasionally is considered. The Identity-Based digital Signature (IBS) scheme and the improved Identity-Based Online/Offline digital Signature (IBOOS) scheme are used for secure and efficient data transmission (SET). In SET-IBS, safety relies on the rigidity of the Diffie-Hellman problem and the SET-IBOOS additionally reduces the computational overhead for protocol safety, which is vital for WSNs. The possibility of the improved SET-IBOOS protocol with respect to the security requirements and security analysis against different attacks is analyzed. The calculations and simulations are provided to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed protocol. It improves the security overhead and the energy conservation.
Index Terms - clustering, energy efficient, security, wireless sensor networks.
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