Security Enhancement using Trust Management in MANETs
Abstract— The distinctive options of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), victimization recent advances in unsure reasoning originated from AI community, we tend to projected a unified trust management schemes Mobile Ad-hoc networks area unit self-organizing and self re-configuring multi hop wireless networks wherever, the structure of the network changes dynamically the safety of the OLSR protocol is rib by a selected variety of attack known as ?Black Hole‘ attack. During this attack a malicious node advertises itself as having the shortest path to the destination node. To combat with region attack, it\'s projected to attend and check the replies from all the neighboring nodes to search out a secure route with protection to our data, however this approach suffers from high delay. Associate in Nursing approach is projected to combat the region attack by victimization Trust management schemes with neighbors WHO claim to possess a route to destination. during this project we tend to area unit victimization NS2.34 software system for our projected model testing. and that we got the simplest result against the safety attack.
Index Terms— Mobile ad hoc networks, Attack, Direct and Indirect observation, Trust Management.
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