Anchor Point Based Data Gathering with Energy Provisioning In Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Network
Abstract: Several studies have demonstrated in Wireless Sensor Network for reducing the energy consumption of nodes However, these benifits are dependent on the path taken by the SenCar, particularly in delay-sensitive applications, as all sensed data must be collected within a given time constraint. An approach proposed to address this challenge is to form a hybrid moving pattern in which a mobile-sink node only visits anchor points, as opposed to all nodes. Sensor nodes that are no anchor point forward their sensed data via multihopping to the nearest anchor point. The optimal TSP nearest neighbour algorithm is used for finding the optimal path taken by the SenCar . The new method is proposed for energy transfer mobile collector to sensor nodes by using WerMDG. The simulation result show that the energy consumption is reduced when comber with the existing method.
Index Terms—Data collection, mobile sinks, scheduling, wireless sensor networks (WSNs).
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