Energy Saving DSR and Probabilistic Rebroadcast Mechanism are used to Increase Routing Performance in MANET
Abstract- MANETs are infrastructure less and can be set up anytime anywhere. Due to high mobility of nodes in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), there exist frequent link breakages which lead to frequent path failures and route discoveries. The overhead of a route discovery cannot be neglected. In a route discovery, broadcasting is a fundamental and effective data broadcasting mechanism, where a mobile node blindly rebroadcasts the first received route request packets unless it has a route to the destination, and thus it causes the broadcast storm problem and without consider the nodes energy level of route selection it leads to reduce the network lifetime. In this paper proposed to focus is on a two mechanism ESDSR and Neighbor coverage based Probabilistic rebroadcast to overcome those problems. A Energy Saving Dynamic Source Routing in MANETs (ESDSR) which will efficiently utilize the battery power consideration in the route selection time of mobile nodes in such a way that the network will get more life time and Neighbor coverage based Probabilistic rebroadcast mechanism, which can significantly decrease the number of retransmissions so as to reduce the routing overhead, and can also improve the routing performance. The simulation was carried out using the NS-2 network simulator.
Index Terms—Mobile ad hoc networks, Energy Saving Dynamic Source Routing, probabilistic rebroadcast, routing overhead.
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