Comparative Study of Conventional Fly Ash Bricks with River Sand, M-Sand and Eco Sand and Eps Beads With Eco Sand
Abstract— This experimental investigation focuses on the effect of complete replacement of river sand with, M-sand and Eco sand as fine aggregate Green Building is the fast growing concept with high demand for it in several aspects. Brick is an important construction material. Every year 150 billion bricks are manufactured in India. Added to this the uses of clay bricks destroys the top fertile soil. And as we all know that walls are main source of conduction of heat from atmosphere to building. Hence, necessary measures are adopted to insulate them. Walls are mainly composed of bricks. So, if thermal conductivity of brick reduces obviously the insulating property of wall increases which results in less energy consumption. The aim of the project is to replacing and comparing fine aggregate (river sand) with manufacturing sand and Eco-sand and EPS beads with Eco sand in ratios to form light weight fly ash bricks
Index Terms—: river sand, manufactured sand, Eco sand, EPS beads, compressive strength, water absorption, efflorescence
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