User Based Retrieval System
Abstract: Now-a-days large amount of heterogeneous event data is increasingly generated in the systems. Owing to the difference between event data and traditional relational data, the matching of heterogeneous events is highly non-trivial. The existing structure-based matching techniques for relational data also fail to perform owing to the poor discriminative power of dependency relationships between events. A generic pattern based matching framework is proposed, which is compatible with the existing structure-based techniques. Finally, extensive experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of our pattern-based matching compared with approaches adapted from existing techniques, and the efficiency improved by the bounding, pruning and heuristic methods. This application help to store the log files in cloud and retrieve data based on the events. This is web-based application and developed in Eclipse and MySQL. This application will help to rectifying existing problem and effective data retrieval based on events.
Keywords:Bigdata, MySQL, Generic pattern matching
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