A Security and Privacy Measure for Encrypted Cloud Database
Abstract-- Cloud security is an evolving domain in computer security. It refers to a set of policies, technologies and controls deployed to protect the data, applications, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing. Existing system does not allow multiple clients to perform concurrent operation. In our proposed architecture there is threefold goal: to allow geographically distributed clients to execute concurrent operations on encrypted data independently including those modifying the DataBase structures. It also offers enhancement of file storage. Multiple clients can directly connect to the cloud server by eliminating the intermediate proxies between the cloud client and cloud server that limits the pliability, readiness and ductility properties. To provide security and privacy for client’s data, the data are stored on cloud in an encrypted form. In storage as a service paradigm confidentiality has been guaranteed with several solutions, while in DataBase as a service paradigm (DBaaS) guaranteeing confidentiality is still an open research area.
Index Terms—Encrypted data, Cloud DataBase, DataBase as a Service (DBaaS), Data Security.
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