Diode Free T-Type Five Level Neutral Point Clamped Inverter for Low Voltage Dc System
Abstract—The multilevel inverter is used as a solution to increase the inverter operating voltage above the voltage limits of classical semiconductors. A Diode Free T-Type Five Level NPC inverter for Low Voltage DC System is proposed in this paper. The T-Type inverter topology is more efficient and conventional than I-type inverter topology. Considerable suppression of the harmonic current is the ultimate goal of multilevel inverter. Losses like Semiconductor loss, conduction loss are mainly due to IGBT & diode in the current path. So the proposed system is designed with cool MOSFET without diode. The middle bidirectional switch is replaced by two pair of MOSFET. Hence the five level NPC inverter is more significant for low and medium power range DC source and for Renewable energy system.
Index Terms— NPC, COOLMOSFET, Power Factor, Total Harmonic Distortion, Harmonic current
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