Photovoltaic Management System in Residential Areas Using Power Line Communication
Abstract— Energy consumption in residential areas is rising; residential areas have deployed a photovoltaic (PV) system to save energy cost and provide continuous power in the area. The PV system needs to be continuously monitored to maintain its performance. In addition, it is desirable to monitor each PV module because one abnormal PV module affects the whole PV system. Here Power line communication (PLCC) technology is used to monitor each PV module in order to check the performance of PV system. Power line communication (PLCC) carries data on a conductor that is also used simultaneously for AC electric power transmission. The parameters in PV module are monitored by PLC. The system architecture is composed of the following components: PLC modem, CUK Converter, and inverter connected with AC load. The PLC modems are deployed on each PV module for continuous monitoring. The CUK converter will provide constant voltage to the battery. The device retrieves the stored data in microcontroller unit and informs users about the status of the photovoltaic module. The device retrieves the stored data from the converter to inform users of the status of the PV system. Voltage, Current and Temperature are the parameters which are going to be noted in PV module. The output of the inverter circuit is given to the AC load by using resistive load. Users can browse and figure out the PV system performance in detail by using power line communication technology. The system is installed in the field.It is composed of sixteen PV modules with 960V; since each PV module provides 60V and a 1kW inverter. This scheme will maintain the performance of a PV system and can be used for industrial applications.
Index Terms— Power Line Communication, Photovoltaic Management System, CUK Converter ,Inverter and PV module .
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