Flow Control Using Variable Frequency Drive In Water Treatment Process of Deinked Pulp Plant
Abstract— Water scarcity is a major problem in the current scenario, so consumption of water should be reduced in industries. The pulp and paper(P&P) industry is one of the heaviest users of water. Water is used in nearly every step of the manufacturing process. To control the consumption of large amounts of fresh water in industries, water treatment process is important. This project is done at Tamilnadu Newsprint and Papers Limited, Karur under the area of deinked pulp plant and the process of water treatment. In water treatment process chemical dosage flow added should be correct according to the inlet flow. In our project Variable Frequency Drive is used instead of control valve. According to the inlet flow induction motor speed is controlled by using VFD, then chemical dosage flow, is controlled. The method of speed control used here is vector control. In this process by using VFD, leakage of chemicals is minimised and the precise control of chemical dosage flow is improved.
Index Terms— Flow control, Variable Frequency Drive, Vector Control, Water Treatment.
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