A Survey on Virtualization Data Centers For Green Cloud Computing
Abstract —Due to trends like Cloud Computing and Green cloud Computing, virtualization technologies are gaining increasing importance. Cloud is a atypical model for computing resources, which intent to computing framework to the network in order to cut down costs of software and hardware resources. Nowadays, power is one of big issue of IDC has huge impacts on society. Researchers are seeking to find solutions to make IDC reduce power consumption. These IDC (Internet Data Center) consume large amounts of energy to process the cloud services, high operational cost, and affecting the lifespan of hardware equipments. The field of Green computing is also becoming more and more important in a world with finite number of energy resources and rising demand. Virtual Machine (VM) mechanism has been broadly applied in data center, including flexibility, reliability, and manageability. The research survey presents about the virtualization IDC in green cloud it contains various key features of the Green cloud, cloud computing, data centers, virtualization, data center with virtualization, power – aware, thermal – aware, network-aware, resource-aware and migration techniques. In this paper the several methods that are utilze to achieve the virtualization in IDC in green cloud computing are discussed.
Index Terms—Green Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Data centers, quality of service, power – aware, thermal – aware, network-aware, resource-aware, migration.
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