Collision Dynamics of Optical Dark Solitons in a Generalized Variable-Coefficient Higher Order Nonlinear Schrödinger System from Inhomogeneous Optical Fibers
Abstract—We consider the generalized variable-coefficient single component nonlinear Schrödinger system with higher order effects such as the third-order dispersion, self-steepening and self-frequency shift, a model equation for the propagation of intense electromagnetic field in inhomogeneous optical fibers. For describing the long-distance communication, we obtain the optical multi-dark soliton using Hirota‘s bilinearization method. We are able to control the characteristics of optical multi-dark solitons in inhomogeneous optical fibers by choosing suitable variable-coefficient functions.
Index Terms — dark solitons; generalized variable-coefficient nonlinear Schrödinger system; Hirota‘s bilinearization method; inhomogeneous optical fibers.
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